About Us

About Us

 The Woodwork Shop, Inc. is a locally owned and operated woodworking shop that has served the greater Memphis Metropolitan area for over 15 years.  We are just off of I-40’s Exit 18 (Hwy 64/Stage Road) in Bartlett, TN and are easy to get to from just about anywhere.  We have over 5300 square feet totally devoted to Woodworking.  In addition to having over 3500 square feet of woodworking retail space, we have a fully functional shop, where expert craftsmen can construct your most prized piece of furniture. We offer FREE Saturday demonstrations at 10:30 a.m., and for those of you who would like more detailed instruction we offer a variety of classes on a continuously rotating basis.

We offer a broad range of tools; from the large cabinet saw down to the smallest wood chisel, and everything in between!  We’ve got all sorts of power tools, routers, sanders, hand tools, grinders, whatever, and if you need instruction on how to use these tools, we can help!

We offer literally hundreds of router bits, saw blades, bandsaw blades, handsaws, etc. If you can cut with it, we’ve got it!

Our turning center is second to none. If you need that special turning tool, check us out!  If you need those exotic pen blanks, check us out! If you need that sharpening system , check us out!  If you are interested in turning at all, check us out!

We have an extensive veneering section, with gorgeous exotic burls and crotches, book matched figured pieces and large paper backed veneers.  We have the tools, the adhesives, and the knowledge for you to get that project done!

If you are looking for Mahogany, we’ve got it! Cherry? Got that too!  How ’bout some Walnut? Yep, it’s here too!  We’ve got all of your standard hardwoods in multiple lengths and widths, all straightline ripped.  In addition we have many, many, many Exotic Species in standard thickneses and many in thinstock. If you need it cut a little shorter to fit into your vehicle we can handle that too!

So come on over to The Woodwork Shop, Inc.
We’ve got everything you need to start woodworking!
Where a cup of coffee and all the advice you need are always free!